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Passionate Purpose

Well Being In Body, Mind and Soul! 01/07/2010 

"Regardless of what you try to accomplish in your lifetime, one fact is undeniable, -your physical/spiritual/sexual well being will enhance this accomplishment and that lack of well-being will be a hindrance."

Following any Path whether it be Spiritual, Tantric or Wellness, one must practice self-growth within,self-expression and self-love by taking care of your body as if it was your prize vehicle, because, guess what? It is..And not only your body, but your mind and soul as well.If you lack physical energy,let in toxic thoughts,and foods, carry extra weight, shovel empty calories devoid of any nutrition into your mouth, and than expect to hold space for your partner and connect deeply and intimately, it may not happen, especially if you are not congruent with how you treat your body and your awareness level within..It most likely won’t last very long and the quality and quantity of ecstatic bliss and intimacy with another will be sadly missing since you’re not feeling comfortable in your own skin, not looking the way you would like to,trapped in your own sensations and mind chatter and disallowing your energy of well being to flow.
But if instead you bring the Power of Passionate Purpose to all you do, say, think and feel, your life will shift in miraculous ways…

There are few things of greater value than the crowning accomplishment of a delicious feeling body..Remember that you’re translating everything thru the lens of how your body vehicle feels at any given moment..When you’re out of balance, it can have an affect on every other part of your life, especially intimacy with yourself and of course with another.. We live in a physical Universe.. We were not made to live here, disconnected from our bodies, trying to feel in our heads. Infact the mind by itself is mostly cold and unfeeling, unless it is hooked up to our heart where compassion, generosity and love can be felt.. Feel is the key word here.It has been said that “Feelings are the language of the Soul.” What does that quote really mean to you?

If you desire to connect deeply on a soul level, if you desire to be a sensual being than start with feeling intimate with your body vehicle…
Bring awareness to what thoughts you entertain about your body temple…Which ones you actually breathe life into,which ones you accept and also which ones you reject or deny about how you truly want to look,feel and act in your body.
Wake up in the morning by stretching while still in bed with a smile on your face and touch yourself from your face to your feet, just to feel and appreciate your body,.Start opening your body by fully breathing and being grateful for aliveness in your body, stretching many times a day like a cat to be more flexible and aware, look for what feels good in your body not what hurts, get in touch with arousal in your body whether it be flirting with life, glancing at pretty flowers or a person, taking a walk and being one with nature and staying attuned in your body..
If, instead, you are more inclined to walk around numb and armored, hanging out in your head for days on end,because you don’t feel good in your body due to excess weight, low energy, pain and tension, than this will take focus and effort but AAH.. the rewards are off the charts…

By doing these practices, you will become more aware in body sensuality which will carry over to noticing what you are feeding your vehicle. Food is either toxic or nourishing.. Your choice! It’s either your poison or your medicine..It cannot be both.. In fact anything processed isn’t really food at all..It’s Poison, Garbage, Junk!! From your deeper awareness and more expanded perception, you may be guided to ask yourself these questions ” What will nourish my body right now?” “What food will act as fuel giving me the most energy for what I need to do today?” ” Will I eat to live or live to eat today”?
As I stated above,even your love life can suffer when you are out of balance in your body since everything is connected..I know that for most of us, there is a gap from where we are and where we want to be but how big that gap is, only you can decide.

Even if you feel overwhelmed at this time, atleast start doing something for your body… Take a yoga class or purchase a DVD,(my favorite is Kundalini yoga), learn and practice the 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation, take a hot bath with candles, soothing music and incense(yes men included), walk around a health food store and check out the fruit and vegetable isle, never know who you can meet there.LOL:)familiarize yourself with new selections of what to eat, flirt with the opposite sex while staying present in your body, ask me about Rain nutrition, (product page)drink lots of alkaline water, meditate to Sat Nam or other, read books to expand your mind and get past your old conditioning.. I could suggest many but for starters “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”..Book 2 by Peter Kelder ( the Tibetan Rites are in there).. Last but not least, you could come to a Playshop for your “Ultimate Male Makeover”,Radical Warrior change, or if a woman than “Ultimate Female Makeover”, Radical Goddess Transformation…

In Celebration and Appreciation of Our Most Precious Selves,
Dr.Dagny B. CH.t

"We are born into Greatness but conditioned into Mediocrity"

A Passionate Heart

As the years fly by I feel like living my life not from how many breaths I take but by the moments that take my breath away!”

Oxford’s dictionary
defines Passionate as: full of passion; showing or moved by strong emotion, intense, sexual love. But I could sum it up with only one word and that is Aliveness. To be passionate or to have passion about anything is to be more alive in your body, in your mind and in your spirit. It is having a Passionate Heart… The big buzz around town a few  years ago  was  the cutting edge movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know “and the book “The Da Vinci Code”. The movie is about Quantum Physics proving that our thoughts do and have always created our reality both inside of us and out in the world.  So many films have followed since then like “The Secret”, “The Moses Code”, The Leap” and on and on..Consider this: “The Institute of Heart Math did a startling experiment on human placenta DNA, {the most pristine form of DNA} and the changes that occurred. What they discovered was that DNA changed its shape according to the feelings of the researchers involved. 1. So when the researchers FELT gratitude, love, great passion and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing and the strands unwound.. The length of the DNA became longer. 2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by tightening up. It became shorter and switched off many of our DNA codes.” Although it’s hard to believe, it is true that your negative emotions can cause you to feel closed off and tense in your body and hardened in your heart. The good news is that the opposite is also true. This shut down of their DNA codes was reversed and switched back on by the researchers when they FELT those same positive emotions of joy, appreciation, gratitude but especially the feeling of being deeply in love. Isn’t that enough motivation to encourage you to love more deeply or forgive more easily? As a Sacred Sexuality Coach and clinical hypnotherapist for the last 12 years, I have been privileged to work with men, women and couples from many walks of life and cultures, addressing such issues as intimacy, lack of passion and childhood traumas. Most of the time when someone comes to me who claims they feel shut down, living in their head, out of touch in their body, aches and pains and lack of energy and not feeling very passionate about anything, it is usually because they have not connected their sexuality to their creativity and thus became out of touch with their Passionate Heart. Remember that without something to truly believe in {even if it is you}, passion dies. On the other hand, the more connected in their body they became, the more alive they felt, the more they found to appreciate, the more easily they laughed, the more youthful, invigorated and even more creative they became so the more they stayed in their Passionate Heart…

Maybe it’s about time to contemplate these questions for the New Year: What takes my breath away? What connects me to my Passionate Heart? What makes my creative juices flow? Just asking opens us all up for answers that beg to be fulfilled..

Oh yes„ I truly am convinced that we are beautiful Gems of all different colors and on all different levels of our spiritual growth. Some of us are shining so brightly that we are constantly attracting everything Pleasurable into our lives and some have dulled their sensitivity to passion and keep attracting more of what turns them off and distracts them in their lives… The question, I poise to you is twofold: which one are you and how can you enhance your Passion more? You can start with something as simple as watching  children  play, gazing in the eyes of someone special, watching a sunrise or sunset and of course the undeniable exquisite Passion of being in love and  making love!  I find the more we  open up and hang out in our hearts,our true connection to endless creativity, the more unblocked we become… Let’s all start this year out right  by allowing Magical Moments of Passion to well up in us. Say, “YES to having a Passionate Heart

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful and the passionate, we must carry it with us or we find it not"… Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wishing you a Passionate Celebration of your Magnificent Self in 2009,

Dr.Dagny B CH.t

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